Faster reporting from Oracle E-Business Suite means improved business decisions

Blitz Report form with Excel output
Have you ever needed access to specific data in Oracle E-Business Suite and had to ask for a specific report to be written in order to extract it?

Now there is a fast, smart reporting solution available from Enginatics which is fully integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite.

Blitz ReportTM allows business users to run predefined reports, or to build their own scripts, to export data from E-business Suite to Excel extremely fast.

Using Blitz ReportTM significantly reduces the time and effort to produce formatted Excel reports using an Oracle forms interface. The look and feel are identical to Oracle E-business Suite.

Let’s take an example, a requirement from a client who needed to analyze production work orders, identifying the routing and bill of materials actually used, and giving the elapsed time taken for completing operations based on the actual transaction booking in Oracle E-Business Suite. So, I decided to produce a WIP Production Job Details extract from the Work in process database files.

Blitz Report SQL Entry block.

In Blitz ReportTM the sql script is developed either in the form illustrated above or it can be developed externally and then pasted into this form. 

Blitz Report form, parameter block

The parameters for running the report are entered into the parameter tab and when the report is run, the program automatically integrates the parameters into the script. In this case, I decided to make the organization parameter mandatory and the release dates, job, assembly and job status parameters optional.

Blitz Report form, assignments block

Security assignments can be made to restrict the usage of each script; in this case only users with Manufacturing Manager responsibility can run the script thus protecting sensitive data from users that do not need access to it.

Blitz Report form categories block

Finally, the script can be assigned to categories for easy identification and selection.

Blitz Report XML output

The final report may be exported as an xml file, as illustrated above, if required. 

Blitz Report predefined scripts

Blitz ReportTM comes with an extensive library of predefined reports.

Blitz Report Run or select form

By select the required report, the report may be modified if required by selecting Setup, saving a copy with a new name and then making the necessary modifications to the sql, parameters etc. 

Running the report is simply entering the required parameters and then selecting Run. The report result in a preformatted Excel spreadsheet will open very quickly:

Excel output sample from Blitz Report

Simple and Quick, the results are there. As can be seen, the Excel file is already formatted and ready for use. A smart reporting solution for Oracle E-Business Suite.

As a Business Transformation Advisor, I found that the Blitz ReportTM tool was extremely simple to use and a very convenient way for users to quickly have access to the data that they need.

I have written many sql queries for my clients in the past but now I will be using the Blitz ReportTM tool going forward.

For those that may like to try this out, my WIP Production Job Details report extract in xml format and the Excel report can be accessed here. Try it for yourselves. 

Enginatics offers a demo E-Business Suite instance where the predefined reports can be accessed, or new reports can be written and tested.

For further details or discussion, then please contact me? I would be pleased to assist you.

Was this of interest to you? Would you like to see other reports? Please let me know by leaving your comments.

Ion Yılmaz is a business transformation advisor involved in business process and ERP systems transformation. He is passionate about helping manufacturing businesses to succeed by working with the business to transform their processes and technological systems in order to enhance the value that their customers receive

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