Post Merger Integration

Post Merger İntegrationMergers and Acquisitions often fail, because the post merger integration (PMI) bears significant risks which are not addressed early enough.

These risks include the management team not having the bandwidth to match the required capacity for the PMI, poor integration planning and execution, cultural differences between the organisations, the loss of key employee talent within the organisation, critical products and processes not being correctly identified, reduction in market strength.

Key questions which should be answered:

  • What are the M&A objectives?
  • How good are the acquirer and the target in responding to those?
  • Where are the synergies, risks and opportunities?
  • Which unbiased decisions should we make to maximize results?

Start the PMI process as soon as the deal is announced so when the regulators give the green light the integration starts immediately.

Senfor International advisors work alongside the management team and build a cultural bridge between the acquired and the acquirer.

We have worked with US multinationals to identify key talent, crucial products and processes which must be safeguarded throughout the PMI process of their European acquisitions. We have assisted with the planning and reporting throughout the process.

Our advisors can assist with the:

  • identification of key expertise
  • planning process and execution of the plan (PMO)
  • integration team selection
  • Implementation of the culture to be adopted
  • alignment of business processes and systems between the two organisations
  • management of issues and variances


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