Strategy Execution and Operational Excellence

Strategy ExecutionStrategy Execution and Operational Excellence – Why do you need innovation if you want to achieve them?

Why do you need a new approach to achieve strategy execution and operational excellence?

Our expert Alei Hassanein explains “I strongly believe the traditional management consulting model has had its best days. It is no longer enough to provide cold advice to our clients. We commit to listen and respond to their concerns and implement the necessary transformations that deliver true and lasting results. 100% of our engagements are provided by senior business leaders who have the courage and the integrity to always say the truth, and who systematically integrate the human dimension through business coaching in their interventions. That is precisely why we don’t propose management coaching as a standalone service… it is embedded in all our transformation missions.

Many of our clients are undertaking internal transformations to become digital organizations.  We tell them that digital transformation is about improving innovation, decision-making and how business is performed, and cannot be reduced to technology only.  We believe that what we recommend to our clients should primarily be applied to ourselves:

  1. We are not model-driven: we don’t build complex and theoretical models that are unpractical and limited to senior management layers. We are simplicity- and individual-driven: we create collaborative problem-solving environments that bring strategic and operational teams closer.
  2. We don’t delegate the work to junior teams. As senior leaders, we inject our practical business and line experience in all our recommendations. We co-construct personalized solutions with client’s teams, because ultimately, they will be accountable for the success.
  3. We work in an open-architecture mode, which makes adding senior competencies easy, fast and transparent to the client, whenever a need arises.

In conclusion, we are extremely excited to continue to contribute to the success of our clients and to make corporate lasting transformation from within happen ! If you are reading this message, most of all YOU ARE THE CHANGE.”

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