Welcome to Senfor International

In today’s business environment, to be well accompanied can make all the difference !

Welcome to Senfor International, a boutique advisory services firm providing strategic execution and specialist financial and operations expertise by senior business leaders. Our firm consists of senior business leaders and strategic alliances to guarantee the quality of our interventions. We support enterprises which are in the process of mergers, acquisitions or business transformation.

Our mission is to be the correct combination of international specialists to challenge established thinking and drive transformation through innovation within your organization.

We believe in the approach of working alongside you, listening to and responding to your concerns. We will guide you through the processes and decision making required in order to deliver true and lasting results.

Our commitment is the total engagement in your projects from conception to realisation. We will only give honest answers and opinions even if this is not what you wish to hear. 100% of our engagements and successful conclusions are based upon this philosophy.

Senfor International resources provided are specifically based upon the requirements of your projects. All of our advisors are highly skilled, motivated and talented professionals, each with an average of over 20 years experience. We are based in three key locations with partners in the USA but we are 100% mobile.

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