Business Management & Growth

Business Growth

Business is growing, either pre-planned or by unexpected business growth. If you have pre-planned growth then you have considered what is required and now need to put the necessary changes in place.

However, unexpected growth requires more consideration than pre-planned growth. Sales surge and you need to manufacture more product. Therefore you require more inventory. Consequently, you will probably need more resources, both people and space. But at the same time you still have to maintain your customer service.

This can be a challenging time when you feel the need for additional assistance or expert advice.

Our advisors are all experienced, not only in business within Europe but also in business between Europe, the Middle East and the USA.

We have assisted US multinationals in operating their businesses in France and Germany, including internal restructuration and facility relocation.


We can assist you with:

  • Developing and managing the expansion plan
  • Legal, Fiscal and Administrative differences
  • Interim management
    • Facilities management
    • Financial management and reporting
    • Operations management
  • Shared service facilities for Accounting, Receivables and Payables transactions
  • Employee selection process
  • Business process management
  • Selection – Implementation – Rollout of business applications



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