Why Senfor International?

You ask …

What makes Senfor International stand out against other consulting firms?

We say …

We work differently to the others!

We want to be trusted as your champion when you engage us and this is what makes us different.

Senfor International is a boutique advisory partnership which we operate on the basis of shared values amongst our associates. Consequently, we are able to distiguish the wood from the trees and we can cross those boundaries seamlessly. We think outside of the box! We pride ourselves on a job well done.

Engaging our services provides you with the correct tools, new techniques and perspectives which will allow you to understand and solve your problems.

This is why we do not engage our clients in long drawn out engagements. We know what we do best and we do just that allowing you to do what you do best; operate your company!

This doesn’t mean that we don’t want to stay with you. It means that you are not obliged to engage in additional and unnecessary services in order to solve your problems.

why senfor international

Do you need more reasons why Senfor International is your best choice ?

    • We are not bound by the bureaucracy that can be found in larger firms. In large firms consultants have two bosses: you and theirs. For us you alone are the boss and we want you to be satisfied.
    • Larger firms will provide their clients with a mix of junior and senior consultants for which the client pays. Senfor International provides senior managers only, regardless of the size of the client.
    • Some firms will just provide more consultants with average ideas. This will not deliver better solutions than those of one single specialist from Senfor International.
    • Senfor International supplies you with the advisors uniquely in line with your initiative and no more.
    • You don’t need your project handled by a firm that implements identical solutions in every client. This will cost you more money in manpower and expenses. Innovative ideas and entrepreneurial thinking comes from boutique advisory firms. Larger firms may have difficulty in gathering outside innovative ideas and passing those ideas down the chain of command.
    • We, at Senfor International, guarantee flexibility and honesty. We only take projects within our expertise. We know when to say No thanks.

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