Senfor International Managing Partners

The Senfor International partnership consists of two managing partners, Clive-Ion Yılmaz and Suna Yılmaz, who founded the company as an expansion into Eastern Europe from Switzerland in 2007.

Managing Partners Clive-Ion Yilmaz

Clive-Ion Yılmaz
Cofounding Partner

Clive-Ion is a manufacturing and business specialist, internationally experienced in business consultancy including project management, business process management, data management and ERP systems implementation.

He has worked with US multinationals delivering ERP transformation and Business Process Management solutions within Europe. He has also assisted in post acquisition integration projects and has supply chain and manufacturing management experience.

His broad industrial experience includes the aerospace, engineering, electronics, automotive, medical devices and instruments industries.

Clive-Ion is predominantly involved with manufacturing and quality management processes and ERP/Data systems.Senfor International Managing Partners linkedin button

Managing Partners Suna Yılmaz

Suna Yılmaz
Co-founding Partner

Suna is our specialist in all matters relating to the operation of the company and Turkish affairs.





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